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December 29th, 2011

i dont even know where to start im sorry if im not allowed to put sumtin like this up but i havnt a fuckn clue what to do. it prob wont make ny sense to ny1 but it does to me.. what u sposta do wen some1 u love is in hospital in a coma practicly dead n u cant do a thing cant even b ther.. just sit hear n wait on news., she even missed christmas... been in this situation a few times goodbyes were said but she manages to pull through d other times like a cat with 9lives but runnin short on them now.. ppl teln me to talk to some1 but what they gona do that wont wake some1 up will it.. she said she wouldnt go she told me shed b ok that not t worry bit late for that now, she need to just wake up now n put us all out of our misery ha.. feel like just deleting dis off now coz if she does wake up n spots this shel rip d piss outa me but i dont care to b honest coz she knows how i feel.. feel like an awfull pussy now but thats what shes changed me inta :).. now just wake up

August 11th, 2011


 hi im a newby to this iv ben reading it for a while but decided to sign up ther today for the craic.. i duno if il  write any stuff jst yet but iv got a few good ideas.. but hiiiiiii everybody :D
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